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Stump Grinder.
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Maintenance and Health Pruning: Pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedure. Regular trimming gives health and structure to your trees as well as providing property safety. We highly recommend periodic canopy thinning and dead wood removal to prolong your tree's health. Not only is this procedure aesthetically pleasing but it protects your investment.


Roof and House Clearance: Provides clearance from encroaching branches that can cause damage as well as a deterrent to keep wildlife from access to structures.


Tree Analysis: Meet with one of our Arborists to help you with tree assessment and risk management, develop a trimming plan, and provide a detailed free estimate. 


Palm Trimming: Palm trimming is done annually and is performed midsummer when the inflorescence seed pods have fully developed. We remove dead fronds, low hanging fronds, inflorescence seed pods, fronds contacting structures, and loose hanging boots.  


Vista Pruning: Get your scenic views back while maintaining the health of your trees.

Tree Line
Crew member in a tall tree removing chunks, while in a rig and harness.


Trees need to be removed for a variety of reasons. The most common is disease, pest infestations, and decay. We can handle all of your removal needs safely and with little surrounding impact.


Living on the coast unfortunately comes with the risk of hurricanes and high winds. We can help you with all of your clean up needs. Storm clean up can be dangerous and overwhelming. We have all the equipment to get the job done safely and with no further damage to your property.

Large part of a tree that is being hoisted with a crane for removal


After a tree is removed the stump can be flush cut to grade or a stump grinding estimate can be provided to take the stump 6-8 inches below grade.


Some mature trees with multiple large lead (trunk) stems are a good candidate for cabling and bracing. We use dynamic cable systems to help support trees from failure while still allowing tree sway. This is a less invasive procedure with no drilling.

Stump Grinder
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